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Google Chromium based web browser for Kodi

Project to include web add-on handling in Kodi. The first part is to include a web browser which becomes usable on Kodi.

Further is planned on project to include Mail and Messenger (IRC) parts. As final on project comes support for "various" Types which allow to create and add also other add-ons which support e.g. Skype or Viber.

Browser implementation becomes created with the Chromium Embedded Framework to include Google Chromium.

The work is still on begin and currently not usable on Kodi.


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CMake creation outputCMake creation output


CEF binaries

The named URL's below are created libraries based on the Framework which becomes used, this are own versions of them to allow the add-on file system structure and are not usable for other applications!

A fork of original is present on https://bitbucket.org/kodi-web/cef/src, to prevent problems on version changes and include the needed changes.

CEF binaries used for add-on as external lib, which are present here:

License of Kodi add-on

License of CEF

  • Copyright (c) 2008-2014 Marshall A. Greenblatt. Portions Copyright (c)
  • 2006-2009 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
  • New BSD License